UNISON response to Caroline Jones exclusion "feeble and inconsistent"

  • UNISON excuse for exclusion of elected representative “feeble” and “inconsistent”
  • One rule for UKIP and another for everyone else – a “closed shop” on public debate
  • What say the UNISON members who voted to leave the EU?


Today UKIP Wales blasted UNISON’s explanation for the exclusion of UKIP Assembly Member Caroline Jones from their “Question Time” event to be held in Port Talbot on September 8.

In a statement, Mark Fisher of UNISON’s Port Talbot branch explained:

"As Neath Port Talbot branch has openly and publicly campaigned against UKIP policies and principles, it would be inappropriate and against our members wishes for UKIP to be included in this event."

In response to the explanation, a UKIP spokesman commented:

“This attempt at a justification by UNISON is feeble and inconsistent; is UNISON campaigning for the Conservative Party, given that Conservative AM Suzy Davies is invited to the event? Even a cursory glance at UNISON publications show consistent campaigning against Conservative party policies and principles. It appears that it’s one rule for UKIP and another for everyone else.”

The spokesman went on to question UNISON’s understanding of its membership:

“Does UNISON not consider their members who voted to leave the European Union, and that some of them may support UKIP? Clearly there is a ‘closed shop’ on public debate at UNISON.”

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