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Resist the calls for post-Grenfell blanket bans on 'combustible' building materials

A very large percentage of the UK's manufacturing capacity for building insulation is located in Wales. Including the two largest factories for steel-faced insulated panels used on commercial and low-rise residential refurb (Flint and Shotton) and Rockwool's only UK mineral fibre plant in Bridgend. Knee-jerk reactions inspired by Westminster politicians seeking quick post-Grenfell sound-bites both threaten Welsh jobs and risk stifling product innovation. The current Welsh Government consultation on banning 'combustible' products above 18metres simply parrots the MHCLG consultation, with the same in-built bias in favour of a ban. Simply implementing Hackitt's recommendations, insisting on as-built system tests rather than laboratory investigations into individual elements of the as-built system and focusing on the responsibilities of contractors and the competences of installers is the only way towards genuine fire safety.


UKIP needs to have contact phone numbers for party officials/administration and the website that is fit for XXI c world!

Canvass Wales

UKIP nees to canvass Wales more i live in South Wales and i have never had a UKIP candidate knock my door Labour are nothing without Wales we need someone who is going to be for the people