UKIP Wales on 8% in the polls

This month, polling company ICM produced a 'St David's Day Poll', which asked the Welsh public a number of questions, ranging from their views on devolution, to how they would vote in upcoming elections to both Westminster and the National Assembly for Wales. It was found that at present, 8% of voters would vote for a UKIP candidate. This is an important number, because it represents the tipping point at which UKIP would receive 5 AMs under proportional representation. 

The full results:
March 2018 poll

Given the tumultuous time UKIP has had over the past 18 months, this poll result is welcome news, and provides a solid base for the party in Wales going forward. It is also notably higher than the average poll result for the party on a UK national level, which currently averages at 4%.

Onwards and upwards!

The full version of this ICM polling report, which also includes questions about the devolution settlement, is available here.


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