UKIP attacks Plaid Cymru’s “divisive and diversionary” hate crime amendments

Plaid Cymru are once again burying their heads in the sand on Islamic political extremism. In a series of amendments in the name of Rhun ap Iorwerth, Plaid calls on the Welsh Government to:

“tackle the radicalisation of white men into far-right groups and note recent terrorist activity committed by the far right.”

UKIP fully condemns terrorism and unlawful violence in all its forms.  It should be ruthlessly dealt with.  However, Plaid Cymru’s amendments are an attempt to divert attention from the main practical problem.  By singling out white men, they are also targeting individuals on a racial and gender basis.

The law on terrorism and violence should be applied equally to all groups in a cohesive framework for targeting extremism. 30 years ago, the main problem was IRA terrorism; today it is violent Islamic fundamentalism.  Plaid’s amendments are a smokescreen to disguise reality.

The facts show that Islamist terror poses the largest threat to our communities and that should receive the bulk of police and intelligence resources.  The activities of individuals and groups described by Plaid Cymru as “far right” cannot be ignored but they are peripheral to the main risk to our safety and liberty posed by ISIS and other so-called ‘Islamic’ groups.

Of the five major terrorist incidents in the UK this year, only one involved a white male - who was actually suffering from a severe mental illness.  So why is Plaid’s amendment targeting “white males?”  

UKIP Group Leader Neil Hamilton commented:

“Plaid Cymru needs to wake up and stop making excuses for politicised Islamic extremism. Political correctness blinds Plaid Cymru to the real threat to British liberal values and undermines the protection of our way of life from those most ready and willing to destroy it.”

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