UKIP Assembly Member banned from UNISON “Question Time” event

  • UNISON bans Assembly Member Caroline Jones from “Question Time” event
  • Ban “insults the more than 130,000 people who voted UKIP at the last Assembly elections”


UKIP Assembly Member for South Wales West Caroline Jones has been banned from a UNISON sponsored “Question Time” in Port Talbot. The event, taking place under the banner of STOPS (Stop Taking Our Public Services) Campaign, invited all South Wales West AMs including Caroline Jones for a question and answer session similar to the BBC’s Question Time programme.

After confirming Caroline’s attendance, her office was informed by the event organiser that she was “inadvertently invited” and that “UNISON have [a] nationally agreed policy that they will not host events that give UKIP a platform”.

The event, due to be held on Friday 8th September at 1pm in Neath Port Talbot Council Chambers is touted as “an opportunity for elected officials to put forward their party line in relation to austerity and local residents and the workforce of the local authority and encourage local participation in politics.”

A spokesman for UKIP Wales commented:

“The decision by UNISON to ban Caroline Jones from participating insults the more than 130,000 people who voted UKIP at the last Assembly elections. Rather than supporting an inclusive social democracy, UNISON are obstructing an elected representative of the people of Wales. How can they possibly claim to support democracy when they will only allow people whom they agree with at their events?”

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