The UK government has handed a weapon to the opponents of Brexit by refusing to hand over devolved powers after we leave

The Welsh Government has proposed an Emergency Continuity Bill, which transfers EU laws in devolved areas into Welsh law, and stops what has been described as a “power grab” by Westminster. UKIP supports this piece of legislation, which rightfully transfers EU laws in devolved areas.
Cardiff Bay Westminster EU
The continuity bill, if passed in the Assembly, would place EU laws covering subjects such as farm subsidies and food labelling into Welsh law.

UKIP Wales Leader Neil Hamilton commented:

“By blocking a direct transfer of powers in devolved areas from Brussels to Cardiff, Theresa May has handed a weapon to Brexit opponents.

“This is another unnecessary row and a symptom of her bungled Brexit, overseen by her rebellious Cabinet of Remainers with tin ears. Brexit should be all about devolution from unelected bureaucrats to elected politicians at the most local level practicable. UKIP accepts the will of the people in the devolution referenda and the UK Government should deliver on that deal, not undermine it.”

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