Philip Hammond’s EU trawler comments create sinking feeling among British fishermen

Philip Hammond’s attempt to serve up British fish as a bargaining chip to the EU has left a stink among Britain’s fishermen. At a keynote speech on Brexit at HSBC headquarters at Canary Wharf in London last night, the Chancellor said he was “open” to allowing EU trawlers into UK waters. The EU’s draft guidelines for negotiating a trade deal states that fishing rights must be maintained as part of any free trade agreement.

UKIP Wales Leader and Welsh fishing spokesman Neil Hamilton commented:

“If Philip Hammond was reincarnated as a fish, he’d be a flounder. If he believes that selling the British fishing industry down the river will get him anything, then Michel Barnier has caught him hook, line and sinker. We need to reel the EU in on this – our fishing waters are not up for negotiation. Hands off our fish!” 

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