A message from UKIP Wales Leader Neil Hamilton AM

Welcome to the new UKIP Wales website; the one stop shop for everything UKIP in Wales.

With the Welsh Assembly gaining increased tax powers throughout 2018 and 2019, UKIP will defend the Welsh people from Labour's pernicious tax policies.

Since 1999 the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay has overseen failure after failure in health, education and the economy. Wales is a poorer nation today compared to what it was in 1999 and nobody until now has challenged Labour's one party state. What's left of the Lib Dems in the form of Kirsty Williams simply props up Labour, while Plaid Cymru under Leanne Wood are content to sit idly while Labour continues to impoverish our country. The Tories have offered no real opposition at all because they occupy comfy seats in the cosy Cardiff Bay consensus. 

UKIP must be the party that takes Wales from the clutches of the political establishment and places power firmly into the hands of the Welsh people. 

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