First Minister Chooses Yesterday's Woman over the Man of the Moment

Today, Neil Hamilton, Leader of UKIP Wales, asked probing questions at FMQs about the First Minister’s trip to the USA, following which he commented: 


“It is clear the Welsh Government had no plans to meet anyone who mattered in the Trump Administration.

"Instead, the First Minister behaved like a teenage groupie posing for selfies with Hillary Clinton, the big-time loser to Trump in the Presidential election.  The FM is playing the politics of impotence when he should be playing the politics of power.

"He was more interested in virtue-signalling with Yesterday’s Woman than doing business with the Man of the Moment, whose decisions can have a dramatic effect on the lives and livelihoods of Welsh workers.

"Doesn’t he understand that Trump is annoyed with China, Canada, Vietnam and Mexico over steel - not with the UK.  EU bosses are planning retaliatory action, which could bring down other big employers like motor vehicle manufacturer Ford in Bridgend.

"Wales sells almost no steel to the US. It would be utter madness for us to become embroiled in a trade war between the US and the EU.  Outside the EU, we can pursue an international trade policy which suits our interests, not those of Brussels.

"Carwyn Jones's determination to carry on fighting to keep us entangled in the EU will severely hamper the ability of Wales to exploit new trade opportunities with the rest of the world.”

You can watch the full exchange between Neil Hamilton and Carwyn Jones here:

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  • Susan Wilson
    commented 2018-03-06 15:46:54 +0000
    First time I would ever agree with Mr Hamilton, why go to America to brown nose with Mrs Clinton flaming madness an opportunity lost I am afraid.