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    A message from UKIP Wales Leader Neil Hamilton AM

    Welcome to the new UKIP Wales website; the one stop shop for everything UKIP in Wales.

    With the Welsh Assembly gaining increased tax powers throughout 2018 and 2019, UKIP will defend the Welsh people from Labour's pernicious tax policies.

    Since 1999 the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay has overseen failure after failure in health, education and the economy. Wales is a poorer nation today compared to what it was in 1999 and nobody until now has challenged Labour's one party state. What's left of the Lib Dems in the form of Kirsty Williams simply props up Labour, while Plaid Cymru under Leanne Wood are content to sit idly while Labour continues to impoverish our country. The Tories have offered no real opposition at all because they occupy comfy seats in the cosy Cardiff Bay consensus. 

    UKIP must be the party that takes Wales from the clutches of the political establishment and places power firmly into the hands of the Welsh people. 

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  • 10 Reasons to Vote for UKIP Wales

    Ten Reasons to Vote UKIP Wales


    1. UKIP are the only party which believes that the UK should be an independent self-governing nation outside the EU. 

    2. UKIP are the only party which believes that all immigration should be strictly controlled and limited to only those who add value to our economy and integrate into our society.

    3. UKIP are the only party which believes that the only way to fix the housing crisis is to address both supply and demand. There needs to be a commitment to build over a million new homes in the next five years and introduce curbs on immigration to ensure those already living in the UK have the opportunity to purchase a house.

    4. UKIP are the only party which believes that the defence & security of our nation is the most important job of government and that our armed forces, police and border force should be significantly expanded to ensure our security.

    5. UKIP are the only party which believes that the NHS needs reform to cut out layers upon layers of bureaucrats and management. The NHS should be run by patients for patients. There should be an end to the special interests controlling the NHS and stifling innovation.

    6. UKIP are the only party committed to introducing a Bill of Rights which enshrines the freedoms of speech, assembly and debate into law.

    7. UKIP are the only party which believes that government must be legally obligated to balance the budget during their time in office. There should be an end to running up debts in our name to fund their vanity projects. 

    8. UKIP are the only party which believes that the UK should have 100% energy security provided through a mix of proven renewable energy sources such as hydroelectric power and clean fossil fuels. There should be an end to subsidising unreliable wind power.

    9. UKIP are the only party which believes trades are equally as important professions. We should reintroduce grammar schools to educate our best and brightest children, giving them the best possible chance to succeed in a competitive global economy and re-establish technical colleges in partnership with industry to give young people the skills needed in a vibrant manufacturing-based economy. There should also be an end to the arbitrary target of sending 50% of school-leavers to university.

    10. UKIP are the only party committed to reducing the number of politicians and the cost of politics to the taxpayer. We will oppose any expansion of the National Assembly. Politicians should be responsible to the people and should respect hard-working taxpayers. Pay rises for politicians should be determined by the voters through a ballot at each election.
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  • Philip Hammond’s EU trawler comments create sinking feeling among British fishermen

    Philip Hammond’s attempt to serve up British fish as a bargaining chip to the EU has left a stink among Britain’s fishermen. At a keynote speech on Brexit at HSBC headquarters at Canary Wharf in London last night, the Chancellor said he was “open” to allowing EU trawlers into UK waters. The EU’s draft guidelines for negotiating a trade deal states that fishing rights must be maintained as part of any free trade agreement.

    UKIP Wales Leader and Welsh fishing spokesman Neil Hamilton commented:

    “If Philip Hammond was reincarnated as a fish, he’d be a flounder. If he believes that selling the British fishing industry down the river will get him anything, then Michel Barnier has caught him hook, line and sinker. We need to reel the EU in on this – our fishing waters are not up for negotiation. Hands off our fish!” 

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  • First Minister Chooses Yesterday's Woman over the Man of the Moment

    Today, Neil Hamilton, Leader of UKIP Wales, asked probing questions at FMQs about the First Minister’s trip to the USA, following which he commented: 


    “It is clear the Welsh Government had no plans to meet anyone who mattered in the Trump Administration.

    "Instead, the First Minister behaved like a teenage groupie posing for selfies with Hillary Clinton, the big-time loser to Trump in the Presidential election.  The FM is playing the politics of impotence when he should be playing the politics of power.

    "He was more interested in virtue-signalling with Yesterday’s Woman than doing business with the Man of the Moment, whose decisions can have a dramatic effect on the lives and livelihoods of Welsh workers.

    "Doesn’t he understand that Trump is annoyed with China, Canada, Vietnam and Mexico over steel - not with the UK.  EU bosses are planning retaliatory action, which could bring down other big employers like motor vehicle manufacturer Ford in Bridgend.

    "Wales sells almost no steel to the US. It would be utter madness for us to become embroiled in a trade war between the US and the EU.  Outside the EU, we can pursue an international trade policy which suits our interests, not those of Brussels.

    "Carwyn Jones's determination to carry on fighting to keep us entangled in the EU will severely hamper the ability of Wales to exploit new trade opportunities with the rest of the world.”

    You can watch the full exchange between Neil Hamilton and Carwyn Jones here:

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  • UKIP Wales on 8% in the polls

    This month, polling company ICM produced a 'St David's Day Poll', which asked the Welsh public a number of questions, ranging from their views on devolution, to how they would vote in upcoming elections to both Westminster and the National Assembly for Wales. It was found that at present, 8% of voters would vote for a UKIP candidate. This is an important number, because it represents the tipping point at which UKIP would receive 5 AMs under proportional representation. 

    The full results:
    March 2018 poll

    Given the tumultuous time UKIP has had over the past 18 months, this poll result is welcome news, and provides a solid base for the party in Wales going forward. It is also notably higher than the average poll result for the party on a UK national level, which currently averages at 4%.

    Onwards and upwards!

    The full version of this ICM polling report, which also includes questions about the devolution settlement, is available here.


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